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Train Wreck was formed in February of 1998 in Bisbee, Arizona. A coming together of veteran musicians, the band was an immediate area favorite. With a sense of ease and authenticity that very few can match, the members of Train Wreck convey their love of performing and appreciation for their fans whenever they take the stage. They play a diverse array of music - throw in a few original tunes and there's a good time just waiting to happen! Come Out and Dance!

Sean Trachtman, guitar player, vocalist, and songwriter, has been performing for 40years. He is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music in Boston, and a veteran of many styles of music, from blues to folk to rock and roll. At the age of 6, Sean saw Wilson Pickett perform at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, and has never been the same since. Sean is a producer and engineer at Bisbee Sound Studio in Bisbee, AZ. He also teaches guitar, and repairs guitars, amps, and all manner of musical instruments.

Frank Bloise started playing drums at age 12. He played in marching band and concert band from 6th grade through junior high and high school, and was in the jazz ensemble in college. By 1977 Frank was playing for a living and continued to do so for 18 years. During that time he played in warm-up bands for Hoyt Axton, John Conalee, The Forrester Sisters, Johnny Rodriguez and Susan Ray. He played with Sonny Martin, Kenny Price, Eddie Raven, Johnny Tillotson, plus blues man D.C. Minner and Blues on the Move.

Kenny Garnett started playing guitar at age 11, saving money from yard work and buying a Palmer electric guitar for an overrated $35 at a local music store. He credits Johnny Winter and other Austin, Texas guitarists as inspirations, and acknowledges the recently deceased Danny Garnett, David Fiester and his “Still Alive and Well” friend Scott Lee as inspirations to his musical motivation. Joining Train Wreck, Kenny returned to music after a 21 year hiatus serving in the military.

Rick Coakley, bass and vocals, has been performing around the U.S and Canada for over 40 years. His musical career started at the age of 6 with a piano in the house. A music major in college, he decided not to be a teacher, but a player. Based in Nashville for more than a decade, Rick worked as bassist or sound engineer for numerous road acts. He has opened for such acts as Procol Harum, Martina McBride, Sammy Kershaw, Leroy Parnell, Confederate Railroad and many others, and worked for Ty England (Garth Brooks right hand man of many years) as monitor mix engineer. Rick has known Sean and Frank since before Train Wreck was formed - Longtime friends are now back together.


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